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Sun News sounds white angst alarm bells

22 Jul

By Qalina Tileli


On their website’s front page, Sun News features, just below pathetic excuse for a Top Story covering the birth of Kate Middleton’s kid, the lovely article “White men absent in Ontario Liberal ad.

Writes the articles author, Sue-Ann Levy: “Evidently Wynne’s Ontario does not include white males, unless they are a former union head and now the Liberal candidate for London West, Ken Coran. Or any other teacher union leader for that matter.”

There’s really no reason to summarize or analyze the article. The title is an attention-grabber cynically crafted to stir the most immature, navel-gazing and self-pitying emotions of Sun News’ base of entitled white male troglodytes.

Just ask them, and they’ll assure you that the cabal of feminists, immigrants and the unions for good measure are conspiring to turn white men into second-class citizens by… well, they’re never quite clear how reverse-racism/sexism is disenfranchising the most privileged sector of society

Don’t expect reason from this lot.

It’s just worth having on record how low Sun News is willing to sink to ensure an audience.

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