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Sun News says the KKK has the right to march

12 Oct

By Evan Zenobia

OTTAWA – A terrorist organization marching in the streets of Montréal? Violent religious extremists in uniform parading through Toronto? According to Sun News, these are virtues that Canada is missing out on.

In an October 9th Arena feature, Sun News star pundit Michael Coren, who previously defended the jailing of Russian anti-Putin dissident, invited Sun News regular Ryan Doyle to attack Canada’s crippling lack of free speech compared to the United States.

Said Doyle: “I believe in free speech. I believe that what they do in the United States is far superior to what we have.”

While it’s standard Sun News practice to blab about just how crappy Canada is compared to the US, the station showed its colours (white) when it endorsed the right of a terrorist organization to march. Doyle went on to state.

I think the Ku Klux Klan walking through the streets, I detest their message, but they should have the right to display it.”

The KKK is not a free speech issue, of course. The KKK is a terrorist organization like Al Qaeda, or Islamic Jihad. It is dedicated to physical violence and destruction to achieve their political goals. The KKK has murdered thousands if not tens of thousands, injured, wounded or crippled many others and destroyed untold amounts of property. The KKK has claimed more lives on North American soil than any Muslim group.

Everyone had the right to free speech, but you give up that right when you start lynching people or blowing up children.

Could you imagine letting Al Qaeda march, in full Mujahideen gear, down city streets in the name of freedom of speech? Of course not! And almost everyone, Sun News included, would scoff at the idea of permits for terrorist marches.

While authorities do usually permit the KKK and similar groups to march in the United States, we’re not missing out on those spectacles in Canada.

So why the hell does Sun News hold up the most atrocious and vile terrorists as a free speech issue? Is it because the twelve Klansmen who live in Canada are all loyal Sun viewers and subscribers? Or do Doyle and Coren just think they really look good in white dresses and pointy hoods?

And let’s just take a moment to address Sun News’s logic: Québec students are too violent, and Russian protestors should be jailed for breaking the law, but racist terrorists are unfairly kept from rallying.

That’s good conservative values and consistency right there.

Whatever Sun News thinks, Eclipse News is not shy about saying this: DEATH TO THE KLAN!


Rob Anders puts his foot in his mouth; Sun News immitates

5 Oct

By Qalina Tileli

GATINEAU – Sun News darling Rob Anders is in the spotlight again, and Sun News is desperate to cast him as a good guy.

Rob Anders is a Calgary Conservative MP, and one of the only MPs to appear on Sun News programs. He is also a jerk of monumental proportions.

Anders suggested that NDP leader Tom Mulcair intentionally hastened the death of former NDP leader Jack Layton, who died from cancer in 2011. Maybe Sun News has some inside information, but Eclipse News has found no evidence of Mulcair possessing cancer-causing powers.

But for Sun News, Anders is a great guy, and was entirely right to accuse Mulcair of intentionally causing Layton to die. Perhaps he lacks tact, but that’s no reason to dismiss Rob Anders, says Michael Coren and his guest on the feature “Free speech meets parliamentary offensiveness.”

And, wrapping themselves in the free speech flag, Sun News attacks the NDP’s response to Anders comments. According to Sun News, the NDP’s demands for apologies and the calls for Anders’s resignation amount to repressing free speech.

No, Sun News, NO. That is not what is at play here. The NDP is not against free speech They just happen to believe that the elected representatives sitting in the House of Commons should be held to standard of honesty higher than that of Sun New yellow journalism.

Can you imagine the theatrical indignation of Ezra Levant, Michael Coren and the rest if Peter Kormos, Randall Garrison or Maria Mourani suggested Harper had anything to do with Layton’s death? Of course, they never have the opportunity to get indignant over those types of things because Canada’s left isn’t prone to nauseatingly offensive verbal diarrhoea.

And it’s painfully ironic that in the same feature that claims the NDP is against free speech, Coren has the nerve to praise Rona Ambrose, who blocked Environment Canada scientist Mark Tushingham from presenting his novel at a Book Talk in Ottawa.

Let’s be clear. The NDP is not against free speech. It wasn’t the NDP who blocked George Galloway from a scheduled visit to Canada. It wasn’t the NDP who blocked Ashanti Alston from entering Canada. And it wasn’t the NDP who banned Greenpeace t-shirts from parliament!

This is Sun News reasoning. Lying about leftists, Harper’s repression of free speech, that’s all fair game. But the NDP calling out Anders on his bullshit is an affront to free speech?

Eclipse New defends free speech. But Eclipse News is also unafraid to publish that when people express hateful of idiotic sentiments, those comments are up for scrutiny.

Rob Anders bullcrap and lies: a small list

In 2001, Anders was the only MP to pull the ass-hat stunt of voting against granting honorary Canadian citizenship to South African anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela. Anders defended his vote on the grounds that Mandela, who served 27 years in prison for challenging apartheid before his release and election as South Africa’s first Black president, was a former “Communist and terrorist.”

While Mandela lead the left-wing African National Congress party and cooperated with communists in the struggle against the racist South African state, he himself was not a member of the South African Communist Party, and his country certainly isn’t communist. And Mandela was only a “terrorist” in the same way that WWII anti-Nazi partisans and resistance were terrorists.

Whether this Sun News favourite is a fan of apartheid has never been clear. He also justified his vote as a protest against the Liberals blocking his party’s motion to honour the wedding anniversary of the Queen of England, which, in Anders’ mind, is somehow Canada’s business.

When Anders isn’t voting like a petty cry-baby or napping in Parliament, he’s on Sun News, rolling around with the station’s pundits in dishonesty, slander and distortion. He was featured to denounce government funding of a visitor centre honouring Canadian doctor Norman Bethune. Bethune served the poor of Montreal free of charge during the Great Depression and was a tireless advocate of socialized health care. He also ran an art school for children from the slums that he funded out of his own pocket.

Bad enough he supported universal health care and helped poor people! But, for Sun News and Anders, Bethune’s real crime is his support for Mao Zedong..

Bethune did serve in Mao’s forces as a battlefield doctor, treating the wounded and performing battlefield services. Of course, this was from 1938 to 1939, when Mao was fighting Hitler’s Japanese allies. Bethune died in 1939, long before Mao took power, and served both in China and Spain out of anti-Nazi convictions.

Anders and Sun News really seem to take issue with the political opponents of racist regimes.

And, without a doubt to the delight of Sun News pundits, Anders is circulating a petition to block the passage of Bill C-279, which would amend the Criminal Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act to include protections for gender identity and gender expression. He calls the Bill a “Bathroom Bill” and the wording of his petition is full of distortion and lies.

Yes Rob, speak freely. One day everything you said will catch up to you.

Sun News slanders progressive Egyptian journalist, defends racist posters

30 Sep

By Evan Zenobia

OTTAWA – In the latest installment of attempted character-assassination and slander of people they disagree with, Sun News has labelled Egyptian-American progressive feminist journalist Mona Eltahawy an “Islamic supremacist”.

In the Arena feature “Anti-Israeli Islamic supremacist journalism?” the phrase “Islamic supremacist” appears not only in the title, but in the feature’s description, and is used throughout it.

Mona Eltahawy could hardly be characterized as hateful of Israelis; she writes for the Israeli journal The Jerusalem Report journal and has criticized Arab politicians for their tendency to focus on Israel and ignore socioeconomic issues.

What’s more, she is hardly an “Islamic supremacist.” She does not wear a veil or even a head-covering. In fact, she defended the ban in France on the veil. She is an unforgiving critic of the Muslim Brotherhood and the widespread suffering of women under Islamic fundamentalist regimes and current. Egyptian riot police detained her and broke both her arms during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. Take a look at her debate with an actual Islamist and figure out for yourself whether she’s an “Islamic Supremacist.

To qualify their odious claims, they point to Eltahawy’s arrest in New York for spray-painting a poster that read: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man” and “Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

Let’s be clear. Protesting against the racist characterization of Arabs as “savages” with pink spray-paint is neither anti-Israeli or Islamic supremacist.

Free speech means you get to express yourself. That means racists can post bullshit posters on the New York subway. But that also means that people have the right to express their distaste for racism. Spray paint does not repress free speech. But who thinks that anything on the New York subway is immune from a response like that?

Eclipse News knows that Eltahawy is a champion of freedom, justice, pluralism and equality. Sun News is at the opposite end of that spectrum, and it’s just like the network to try to characterize anti-racists as racist.

Slandering Eltahawy is just another instance in a long line of Sun News’s lies and slanders against people who represent all the progressive values that Sun News abhors.

We hope Eltahawy’s fantastic journalism and activism continues to terrify Sun News

* photo credit to Carlos Latuff

National Post picks up scandal weeks after Eclipse!

27 Sep

By Rachid Mehenni

OTTAWA – You heard it here first! Eclipse News is aheadof the mainstream media outlets.

Way back on September 6th, Eclipse News covered Ezra Levant’s slanderous and hate-filled tirade against Canada’s Roma community. It was perhaps the most overtly racist speech made on Canadian television in recent history.

Anyway, on September 25, the National Post published a story condemning the Sun News racist feature.

Read about it here.

Gay-bashing conservatives don’t want to be called gay-bashing anymore

26 Sep

By Evan Zenobia

OTTAWA – “Yes, there are gay conservatives,” was the title of a September 25 Charles Adler feature on Sun News. They must have become gay after the Ontario government promoted the lifestyle to them.

Seriously though, Sun News pushed the frontiers of irony when pundit Charles Adler proclaimed:

“It’s time to dispel the lingering stereotype of the gay-bashing conservative.”

Oh gee, wherever did such a stereotype come from?

Could it conceivably have anything to do with Preston Manning declaring, “homosexuality is destructive to the individual, and in the long run, society”? The same Preston Manning who founded the Reform Party, which morphed into the Conservative Party and which counted Sun News star pundit Ezra Levant among its members?

Could it have anything to do with Stephen Harper’s party voting against extending marriage rights to same-sex couples?

Could it have anything to do with Michael Coren calling gay rights activists “fascists” for campaigning against Chick-fil-A’s funding of anti-gay groups, blatantly missing that homosexuals were often the first victims of fascism. Or Sun News’s glowing praise for Chick-fil-A?

Could it have anything to do with the network’s righteous and theatrical indignation over anti-bullying measures aimed at protecting LGBT youth? Or calling the obviously heterosexual-inclusive Gay-Straight Alliances “gay pride clubs” in moronic and almost deliberate ignorance of it being impossible for straight people to be proud to be gay?  Could it be because Sun News has characterized the GSAs, which merely exist to allow straight and LGBT students to create safe and supportive environments, as anti-Catholic bullies bent on “promoting homosexuality to children”.

Could it have anything to do with Sun News bashing the Pride Parade and inviting “reformed homosexuals” on their programs? Could it have anything at all to do with Sun News still peddling the long-disproven notion that sexual orientation of a lifestyle or a choice that can be promoted or discouraged?

And although this feature specifically deals with gay conservatives, it is instructive to note the attitude of conservatives to the “T” in LGBT From the network-wide alarm bells over Jenna Talackova’s participation in a beauty pageant to Michael Coren’s almost weekly tirade over some otherwise insignificant issue involving transgender people, the sentiment among conservatives are clear. Or do we need to remind you that the Harper Government imposed Identity Screening Regulations which essentially bar transgender people from boarding planes. Not to mention King Stephen and most of his caucus have voted against legislation to include gender identity and expression non-discrimination clauses in the Human Rights Charter.

Yes, there are gay conservatives. Of course there are. But there are anti-gay conservatives too. And almost every major gain for LGBT human rights in Canada has been outside of conservative currents. In 1977 under the Parti québécois, an amendment to Québec’s Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms made Québec the first nation in the world to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. It was Sun News’s arch-enemy Pierre Trudeau who decriminalized homosexual activity and famously declared “[t]here’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” Canada’s first openly gay and lesbian MPs are both New Democrats.

If Sun News wants the gay-bashing image of conservatives to go away, maybe they should clean up their own act before whining about “gay activists.”

Like Michael Jackson says: “if you want to make the world a better place, take a look in the mirror and make the change!”

Sun News lies again about Gay-Straight Alliance; nobody shocked anymore

19 Sep

By Qalina Tileli

GATINEAU – It’s honestly not shocking to see Sun News making stuff up, especially when it comes to gays and/or Muslims.

So Eclipse News wasn’t surprised to see Sun News pundit Michael Coren say about the Ontario government’s anti-bullying bill that “it’s not about anti-bullying, well it is, it’s about bullying the Catholics.”

Of course, any person with an iota of reason understands full well that “the Catholics” in Ontario are not being bullied. In fact, Ontario is the only province in Canada that to this day continues to operate a publicly-funded Catholic school board, which has the option of refusing non-Catholic students at the elementary level!

So who is bullying “the Catholics” and how? True to form, Sun News blames the Muslims and the gays in the feature “Muslim prayer rooms in Catholic schools.”

Because Catholic schools are being “forced” to allow Gay-Straight Alliances to function on their campuses, the government is not accommodating Catholic religious intolerance beliefs. This is made worse by Catholic schools having to accommodate Muslim students by providing them with space for prayers.

This amounts to bullying because, Sun News pundit as Christina Blizzard puts it:

“[w]e have to have religious accommodation within our schools even though we know it’s a Catholic school, okay I get that, but where was the religious accommodation when they passed the anti-bullying bill that forced the Gay-Straight Alliance which are contrary to the faith beliefs of Catholics?”

Sun News makes a false equivalence between accommodating a basic and simple demand for prayer space and accommodating anti-gay bigotry. Catholics in Ontario have a Catholic school-board which enjoys the right to block the enrollment of non-Catholic students in its elementary classes. No other religious group in Ontario has such privileges. Meanwhile, the Ontario government has ordered the publicly-funded Catholic school board to follow the exact same protocol as the Public board on the GSAs. Rather than being bullied, the Catholic board gets the exact same treatment as the public board, except that it legally permitted to exclude heretics and infidels until Grade 7.

Leave it to Sun News to make the bully into the victim.

Sun News is lying, as usual. And don’t let yourself think this is a minor blunder. On September 3rd, Sun News regular Jack Fonseca declared lied

“[w]e have the government now starting in September actively promoting homosexuality to kids in high school and in the public system it’s even gonna be in elementary schools some have started that… and nobody’s warning them that hey if you go into this lifestyle if you choose this risky behaviour this type of activity, you actually have a 1 in 6 chance of catching a uniformly fatal disease.”

Lies and slanders against the LGBT community are staples of Sun News, and Sun News is never afraid to twist the truth if doing so enables the pundits to whip up hatred and vent their own personal obsessions against people they don’t know.

Sun News wants to replace Maple Leaf with British colonial standard

19 Sep

By Qalina Tileli

GATINEAU – Sun News doesn’t make secret their contempt for distinct Canadian identity. David Menzies wants to replace Canada Day with “Dominion Day,” a celebration of British rule over Canada. Michael Coren and Brian Lilley, meanwhile, have characterized a number of things they expressly despise as “extremely Canadian.”

But Eclipse News was not expecting to find Sun News explicitly call for restoring the Red Ensign as the official flag of Canada.

The Red Ensign was the official of Canada until 1965. A British Union Jack occupies an entire quarter of the flag. In fact, the Red Ensign almost identical in design to the flags of Ontario and Manitoba, except the shield is slightly more elaborate. The shield is the only thing that distinguishes the Canadian Red Ensign from the flag of British India and Bermuda. Almost every British colony, from Kenya to Australia, had a Union Jack stamped on the top-hoist quarter on its flag, marking the supremacy of the British Empire over the people and resources of land.

The Red Ensign denotes a longing and passion for colonialism. It expresses joy for the British Empire’s exploitation and oppression of Canada’s peoples and lands, and it subordinates independent Canadian identity to an imposed and artificial ultra-loyalist monarchism.

This masochistic, anti-Canadian symbolism is just what the doctor ordered for Sun News. In its website’s Top Story on September 18th, the network’s token francophone Brigitte Pellerin figures that the most logical response to the PQ’s removal of the maple leaf flag from the Québec National Assembly is to restore the imperialist rag as a national flag.

“Can we get back to the Red Ensign then? Because you know as you’ll recall the Maple Leaf was in fact adopted as a national flag of Canada in part you know because it does not have any reference to the royal issue, it doesn’t have anything royal in it and maybe now we can just get back to the Red Ensign which would please a great number of people I suspect as the national flag of Canada. Because if we’re not going to please these people in Québec no matter what well why bother trying?”

It’s difficult to see the reasoning behind this logic. Sun News is clearly upset by replacement of the maple leaf by the fleurdelisé. Then again, Sun News is apparently no more passionate about that uppity symbol of non-royal, independent Canadian identity than the Parti québécois. Apparently it was just meant to appease those “separatists” in Québec who insisted upon the radically absurd notion of having a flag that didn’t salute British imperialism.

But hey, if we’re not going to appease the PQ, why stop at the Red Ensign? Why not go back to just using the Union Jack? While we’re at it, let’s scrap using any designs on our currency other than the Liz Windsor’s portrait! And that whole pretension of being a sovereign country, ha! Wouldn’t it be nicer to not have to kowtow to Québec and just apply for re-annexation and colonial status under the British Crown? That’s Sun News patriotic vision!

And as revoltingly colonial Sun News’s mentality on this subject is, it’s also racist. The folks who set the agenda at Sun News clearly aren’t fond of the Maple Leaf flag, and would like to replace it with the Red Ensign. The network is fine with imposing Anglo-Saxon supremacist symbols all over the country as a replacement for the Maple Leaf, but declares a symbol of Québec pride replacing one Canadian flag unacceptable.

But Sun News of course continues to use Maple Leaf symbolism in almost all of its graphics. That’s another layer of hypocrisy coming from Canada’s “patriotic” “news” station.

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