By the memory of Trayvon

15 Jul

By Evan Zenobia

As my open palms into fists clench
Volts surge up my spine
My nose tastes a foul stench
Because the savage will be just fine

Another Black kid left dead in the street
Today the court proclaims
His murderer shall henceforth walk free
To his victim falls the blame

No matter his family’s tears
For the numbers are too great
Of bullies with racist fears
Who slaughter out of hate

But it’s not enough to murder a child
Not for these racist pigs
Who slander his name with media smiles
And the legal system rig

For in terror lives the Black nation
Oppressed by agents of rot
Repressed from rising over their station
As the police take their shots

We should lock up these murderous louts
But allow that the system won’t
For every Trayvon we hear about
There’s a hundred more we don’t

But for the call of rights
And for the blood of the youth
We must take up the fight
In the name of the truth

But tighter again my fists clench
Up and down my spine surge volts
From the white man power must be wrenched
Let begin the glorious revolt!


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