No justice for Trayvon? Then no peace for racists!

14 Jul

1003088_10151704433528189_1375605588_nBy Evan Zenobia

Trayvon Martin’s killer, wannabe cop vigilante George Zimmerman, has been found not guilty. Evidently, killing Black kids isn’t a crime.

Not in America. Oh, but firing warning shots at an violently abusive husband can get you 20 years.

In case you’re not aware, there is a huge racist dimension to this.

Because Trayvon Martin was Black, Zimmerman decided to stalk him through his own neighbourhood. Because Martin was Black, his murderer went after him against police instructions to ignore him. And, because he was Black, it was more than a month before Zimmerman was arrested.

Oh, and Fox News and Sun News and other right-wing media figures were oh-so-quick to defend Zimmerman, to call Martin out for his seditious and threatening hoodie, and to denounce with theatrical indignation the word “cracker” as a vicious slur.

Because, in America, being Black means you don’t have human rights. Being Black means you and your family never have a shot at justice. For every Trayvon Martin we hear about, there’s a hundred we don’t hear about. Being Black means living in perpetual fear that the police and vigilantes are always prepared to accost you, stalk you, humiliate you, beat you and even kill you, for no other reason than that you are Black.

And every time, these racist pigs get away with it.

But, of course, the moment Black people rise up to express their indignation at the egregious human rights violations against them, the media is always prepped to point and scream about how violent Black people are.

It’s high time these pigs stop getting away with it. Let our hopes and wishes be with the Martin family. Let us hope for no more killings.

But should there be riots, I really hope it shocks white America into shaping the fuck up.


3 Responses to “No justice for Trayvon? Then no peace for racists!”

  1. Zeudo Nemm July 14, 2013 at 4:46 pm #

    Except for the fact that Zimmerman had called the police about Trayvon BEFORE he even knew what race he was. The dispatcher asked for a description and Zimmerman couldn’t affirm Trayvon’s race until later when he got close. It was instead Trayvon’s suspicious actions which made Zimmerman call the cops. He called the cops hoping they would be the ones to see if Trayvon was just an innocent resident he had never seen before, or if he was up to no good. When Trayvon ran it sadly made him look like he was guilty of something.

    The police didn’t give Zimmerman instructions to not follow. A dispatcher gave a suggestion, but it is not a legal standing order. Further, the suggestion to not follow was to protect Zimmerman himself against the suspect he called in about. If the person you called the cops about really is a criminal they may react with violence if you follow.

    Zimmerman himself is 1/4 Black, 1/4 Native Peruvian and 1/2 Jewish Semite. On the police recordings there was not one racial slur made by him. But we did see Trayvon call him a cracka. Trayvon who was homophobic and laughing about Zimmerman possibly being a gay rapist. We also saw Trayvon call Zimmerman “homeboy” when he saw he was Latino, knowing it was an ethnic slur when said to a Latino you don’t know.

    And Trayvon was the one that got away. Forget about whether you think Zimmerman had profiled him. Trayvon ran and was free. He could then call the cops, or go inside and get his Dad. He instead chose to hunt Zimmerman down and attack him. That is when Zimmerman was forced to defend himself.

    • eclipsenews July 15, 2013 at 10:47 pm #

      Trayvon Martin SCREAMED for 40 seconds before being shot. Screamed for help. He was stalked, confronted, and shot because he was Black.

      • Zeudo Nemm July 16, 2013 at 12:32 am #

        Witnesses say otherwise. Zimmerman’s normal voice is high. I bet he sounds like a girl when being beaten. And the screams didn’t end half way through “help”. You didn’t hear the word get garbled or drop off. That would happen if the person screaming it had suddenly got shot. Instead you haerd the screaming stopped when the person being beat knew his bullet had taken care of his potential killer.

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