March for healthy food

27 May

OTTAWA—Hundreds packed Parliament Hill on Saturday as part of the global 25 May March Against Monsanto event, demanding measures to curb the domination of Monsanto and other GMO companies over agriculture and food production.

The rally attracted a mass of people, young and old, francophone and Anglophone, farmers, lawyers, teachers and scientists. Chants of “Hell no, GMOs,” and “food for people, not for profit,” rang out over the crowd as demonstrators waved placards reading “We are not your petri dish, Monsanto,” and “label it”.

Positions on GMOs (genetically modified organisms) ranged from outright bans and boycotts of Monsanto and other GMO products to calls demanding that GMO foods be labeled for consumer awareness.

Monsanto and similar companies genetically engineer seeds by literally tampering with the genetic sequences of seed cells, removing certain genetic information and replacing it with new information, producing an organism with profoundly different traits from its natural, unmodified counterparts. These seeds of marketed as an alternative to pesticides that yield greater harvests and resist pests.

However, recent studies confirm that GMOs actually don’t produce higher yields. Nor do they cut down on the levels of pesticide needed.

Worse than that, GMOs have been linked to cancer, Parkinson’s, autism, and a host of other diseases which have exploded in frequency in recent years. Monsanto pesticides have also been linked to the dramatic decline in the world’s bee and butterfly populations.

To top it all off, Monsanto has reaped billions in profit from selling their toxins and flooding consumer markets with their mutant crops. With these billions they have lobbied to ensure protections against labeling and restrictions, and have catapulted their own loyalists to powerful steering positions in major agencies in the United States, such as the FDA and EPA.

The Monsanto opponents on the Hill are driven by a sense of profound indignation, angered by the arrogance of a company which controls the food supply, tampers with it and infiltrates the very agencies originally designed to protect the health and choices of citizens. They stand and proudly denounce GMOs, Monsanto, and all the underhanded manoeuvres  that they consider crimes against the environment and humanity. 


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