Michael Coren a Christian !?

25 Jan

By Evan Zenobia

OTTAWA—In the 20 December 2013 Arena feature “Justin a Catholic?”, Michael Coren and Sun News regular Jack Fonseca spent several minutes in righteous indignation over Justin Trudeau. Not over his policies or his positions, but because the Liberal leadership candidate has the nerve to call himself Catholic.

Imagining themselves to be senior clergymen, the two effectively excommunicated Trudeau from the Roman Catholic Church. Even though Trudeau was born to two Catholic parents, was married in a Catholic Church and never publicly converted to any other faith, Coren tells the audience that Trudeau is not a Catholic; worse he is a heretic.

Coren, of course, is lying.

Which really begs the question: is Michael Coren a Christian?

It’s not that anyone should really care. But if Coren wants to lower the bar past redneck speculation that Barack Obama is secret Muslim to the point where it is apparently legitimate to label political opponents heretics, I figure Eclipse News ought to take a stab at sixteenth-century-style religious paranoia.

See, Coren and Fonseca declare that Trudeau’s positions on social issues make him unfit to speak to audiences of Catholic School students. In particular, Trudeau’s advocacy for a woman’s right to choose is tantamount to violation of “thou shall not kill.”

But then, Coren works on Sun News, where he is constantly breaking that whole Biblical rule against LYING. A hobby he shares with most Sun News regulars, including Fonseca.

Then, of course, there’s the station’s hypocrisy, by which they bill themselves as champions of free speech, but then use Trudeau’s supposed religious impiety as an excuse to repress his.

So really, it would appear that Michael Coren is not, by his own definition, a Christian.


One Response to “Michael Coren a Christian !?”

  1. canrespub January 25, 2013 at 3:45 am #

    More like unrighteous indignation!

    Raising a snit over Justin Trudeau’s Catholicism? What is this, Northern Ireland?

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