Sun News says the KKK has the right to march

12 Oct

By Evan Zenobia

OTTAWA – A terrorist organization marching in the streets of Montréal? Violent religious extremists in uniform parading through Toronto? According to Sun News, these are virtues that Canada is missing out on.

In an October 9th Arena feature, Sun News star pundit Michael Coren, who previously defended the jailing of Russian anti-Putin dissident, invited Sun News regular Ryan Doyle to attack Canada’s crippling lack of free speech compared to the United States.

Said Doyle: “I believe in free speech. I believe that what they do in the United States is far superior to what we have.”

While it’s standard Sun News practice to blab about just how crappy Canada is compared to the US, the station showed its colours (white) when it endorsed the right of a terrorist organization to march. Doyle went on to state.

I think the Ku Klux Klan walking through the streets, I detest their message, but they should have the right to display it.”

The KKK is not a free speech issue, of course. The KKK is a terrorist organization like Al Qaeda, or Islamic Jihad. It is dedicated to physical violence and destruction to achieve their political goals. The KKK has murdered thousands if not tens of thousands, injured, wounded or crippled many others and destroyed untold amounts of property. The KKK has claimed more lives on North American soil than any Muslim group.

Everyone had the right to free speech, but you give up that right when you start lynching people or blowing up children.

Could you imagine letting Al Qaeda march, in full Mujahideen gear, down city streets in the name of freedom of speech? Of course not! And almost everyone, Sun News included, would scoff at the idea of permits for terrorist marches.

While authorities do usually permit the KKK and similar groups to march in the United States, we’re not missing out on those spectacles in Canada.

So why the hell does Sun News hold up the most atrocious and vile terrorists as a free speech issue? Is it because the twelve Klansmen who live in Canada are all loyal Sun viewers and subscribers? Or do Doyle and Coren just think they really look good in white dresses and pointy hoods?

And let’s just take a moment to address Sun News’s logic: Québec students are too violent, and Russian protestors should be jailed for breaking the law, but racist terrorists are unfairly kept from rallying.

That’s good conservative values and consistency right there.

Whatever Sun News thinks, Eclipse News is not shy about saying this: DEATH TO THE KLAN!


One Response to “Sun News says the KKK has the right to march”

  1. john hollister October 15, 2012 at 3:42 am #

    Like most level headed Canadians I don’t watch nor read any Sun Media news,it’s trash news.Anybody who listens to this mediadic shock and awe on a regular basis, are apt to be equated with the walking dead.

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