Rob Anders puts his foot in his mouth; Sun News immitates

5 Oct

By Qalina Tileli

GATINEAU – Sun News darling Rob Anders is in the spotlight again, and Sun News is desperate to cast him as a good guy.

Rob Anders is a Calgary Conservative MP, and one of the only MPs to appear on Sun News programs. He is also a jerk of monumental proportions.

Anders suggested that NDP leader Tom Mulcair intentionally hastened the death of former NDP leader Jack Layton, who died from cancer in 2011. Maybe Sun News has some inside information, but Eclipse News has found no evidence of Mulcair possessing cancer-causing powers.

But for Sun News, Anders is a great guy, and was entirely right to accuse Mulcair of intentionally causing Layton to die. Perhaps he lacks tact, but that’s no reason to dismiss Rob Anders, says Michael Coren and his guest on the feature “Free speech meets parliamentary offensiveness.”

And, wrapping themselves in the free speech flag, Sun News attacks the NDP’s response to Anders comments. According to Sun News, the NDP’s demands for apologies and the calls for Anders’s resignation amount to repressing free speech.

No, Sun News, NO. That is not what is at play here. The NDP is not against free speech They just happen to believe that the elected representatives sitting in the House of Commons should be held to standard of honesty higher than that of Sun New yellow journalism.

Can you imagine the theatrical indignation of Ezra Levant, Michael Coren and the rest if Peter Kormos, Randall Garrison or Maria Mourani suggested Harper had anything to do with Layton’s death? Of course, they never have the opportunity to get indignant over those types of things because Canada’s left isn’t prone to nauseatingly offensive verbal diarrhoea.

And it’s painfully ironic that in the same feature that claims the NDP is against free speech, Coren has the nerve to praise Rona Ambrose, who blocked Environment Canada scientist Mark Tushingham from presenting his novel at a Book Talk in Ottawa.

Let’s be clear. The NDP is not against free speech. It wasn’t the NDP who blocked George Galloway from a scheduled visit to Canada. It wasn’t the NDP who blocked Ashanti Alston from entering Canada. And it wasn’t the NDP who banned Greenpeace t-shirts from parliament!

This is Sun News reasoning. Lying about leftists, Harper’s repression of free speech, that’s all fair game. But the NDP calling out Anders on his bullshit is an affront to free speech?

Eclipse New defends free speech. But Eclipse News is also unafraid to publish that when people express hateful of idiotic sentiments, those comments are up for scrutiny.

Rob Anders bullcrap and lies: a small list

In 2001, Anders was the only MP to pull the ass-hat stunt of voting against granting honorary Canadian citizenship to South African anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela. Anders defended his vote on the grounds that Mandela, who served 27 years in prison for challenging apartheid before his release and election as South Africa’s first Black president, was a former “Communist and terrorist.”

While Mandela lead the left-wing African National Congress party and cooperated with communists in the struggle against the racist South African state, he himself was not a member of the South African Communist Party, and his country certainly isn’t communist. And Mandela was only a “terrorist” in the same way that WWII anti-Nazi partisans and resistance were terrorists.

Whether this Sun News favourite is a fan of apartheid has never been clear. He also justified his vote as a protest against the Liberals blocking his party’s motion to honour the wedding anniversary of the Queen of England, which, in Anders’ mind, is somehow Canada’s business.

When Anders isn’t voting like a petty cry-baby or napping in Parliament, he’s on Sun News, rolling around with the station’s pundits in dishonesty, slander and distortion. He was featured to denounce government funding of a visitor centre honouring Canadian doctor Norman Bethune. Bethune served the poor of Montreal free of charge during the Great Depression and was a tireless advocate of socialized health care. He also ran an art school for children from the slums that he funded out of his own pocket.

Bad enough he supported universal health care and helped poor people! But, for Sun News and Anders, Bethune’s real crime is his support for Mao Zedong..

Bethune did serve in Mao’s forces as a battlefield doctor, treating the wounded and performing battlefield services. Of course, this was from 1938 to 1939, when Mao was fighting Hitler’s Japanese allies. Bethune died in 1939, long before Mao took power, and served both in China and Spain out of anti-Nazi convictions.

Anders and Sun News really seem to take issue with the political opponents of racist regimes.

And, without a doubt to the delight of Sun News pundits, Anders is circulating a petition to block the passage of Bill C-279, which would amend the Criminal Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act to include protections for gender identity and gender expression. He calls the Bill a “Bathroom Bill” and the wording of his petition is full of distortion and lies.

Yes Rob, speak freely. One day everything you said will catch up to you.


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