Sun News wants to replace Maple Leaf with British colonial standard

19 Sep

By Qalina Tileli

GATINEAU – Sun News doesn’t make secret their contempt for distinct Canadian identity. David Menzies wants to replace Canada Day with “Dominion Day,” a celebration of British rule over Canada. Michael Coren and Brian Lilley, meanwhile, have characterized a number of things they expressly despise as “extremely Canadian.”

But Eclipse News was not expecting to find Sun News explicitly call for restoring the Red Ensign as the official flag of Canada.

The Red Ensign was the official of Canada until 1965. A British Union Jack occupies an entire quarter of the flag. In fact, the Red Ensign almost identical in design to the flags of Ontario and Manitoba, except the shield is slightly more elaborate. The shield is the only thing that distinguishes the Canadian Red Ensign from the flag of British India and Bermuda. Almost every British colony, from Kenya to Australia, had a Union Jack stamped on the top-hoist quarter on its flag, marking the supremacy of the British Empire over the people and resources of land.

The Red Ensign denotes a longing and passion for colonialism. It expresses joy for the British Empire’s exploitation and oppression of Canada’s peoples and lands, and it subordinates independent Canadian identity to an imposed and artificial ultra-loyalist monarchism.

This masochistic, anti-Canadian symbolism is just what the doctor ordered for Sun News. In its website’s Top Story on September 18th, the network’s token francophone Brigitte Pellerin figures that the most logical response to the PQ’s removal of the maple leaf flag from the Québec National Assembly is to restore the imperialist rag as a national flag.

“Can we get back to the Red Ensign then? Because you know as you’ll recall the Maple Leaf was in fact adopted as a national flag of Canada in part you know because it does not have any reference to the royal issue, it doesn’t have anything royal in it and maybe now we can just get back to the Red Ensign which would please a great number of people I suspect as the national flag of Canada. Because if we’re not going to please these people in Québec no matter what well why bother trying?”

It’s difficult to see the reasoning behind this logic. Sun News is clearly upset by replacement of the maple leaf by the fleurdelisé. Then again, Sun News is apparently no more passionate about that uppity symbol of non-royal, independent Canadian identity than the Parti québécois. Apparently it was just meant to appease those “separatists” in Québec who insisted upon the radically absurd notion of having a flag that didn’t salute British imperialism.

But hey, if we’re not going to appease the PQ, why stop at the Red Ensign? Why not go back to just using the Union Jack? While we’re at it, let’s scrap using any designs on our currency other than the Liz Windsor’s portrait! And that whole pretension of being a sovereign country, ha! Wouldn’t it be nicer to not have to kowtow to Québec and just apply for re-annexation and colonial status under the British Crown? That’s Sun News patriotic vision!

And as revoltingly colonial Sun News’s mentality on this subject is, it’s also racist. The folks who set the agenda at Sun News clearly aren’t fond of the Maple Leaf flag, and would like to replace it with the Red Ensign. The network is fine with imposing Anglo-Saxon supremacist symbols all over the country as a replacement for the Maple Leaf, but declares a symbol of Québec pride replacing one Canadian flag unacceptable.

But Sun News of course continues to use Maple Leaf symbolism in almost all of its graphics. That’s another layer of hypocrisy coming from Canada’s “patriotic” “news” station.


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