Sun News lies again about Gay-Straight Alliance; nobody shocked anymore

19 Sep

By Qalina Tileli

GATINEAU – It’s honestly not shocking to see Sun News making stuff up, especially when it comes to gays and/or Muslims.

So Eclipse News wasn’t surprised to see Sun News pundit Michael Coren say about the Ontario government’s anti-bullying bill that “it’s not about anti-bullying, well it is, it’s about bullying the Catholics.”

Of course, any person with an iota of reason understands full well that “the Catholics” in Ontario are not being bullied. In fact, Ontario is the only province in Canada that to this day continues to operate a publicly-funded Catholic school board, which has the option of refusing non-Catholic students at the elementary level!

So who is bullying “the Catholics” and how? True to form, Sun News blames the Muslims and the gays in the feature “Muslim prayer rooms in Catholic schools.”

Because Catholic schools are being “forced” to allow Gay-Straight Alliances to function on their campuses, the government is not accommodating Catholic religious intolerance beliefs. This is made worse by Catholic schools having to accommodate Muslim students by providing them with space for prayers.

This amounts to bullying because, Sun News pundit as Christina Blizzard puts it:

“[w]e have to have religious accommodation within our schools even though we know it’s a Catholic school, okay I get that, but where was the religious accommodation when they passed the anti-bullying bill that forced the Gay-Straight Alliance which are contrary to the faith beliefs of Catholics?”

Sun News makes a false equivalence between accommodating a basic and simple demand for prayer space and accommodating anti-gay bigotry. Catholics in Ontario have a Catholic school-board which enjoys the right to block the enrollment of non-Catholic students in its elementary classes. No other religious group in Ontario has such privileges. Meanwhile, the Ontario government has ordered the publicly-funded Catholic school board to follow the exact same protocol as the Public board on the GSAs. Rather than being bullied, the Catholic board gets the exact same treatment as the public board, except that it legally permitted to exclude heretics and infidels until Grade 7.

Leave it to Sun News to make the bully into the victim.

Sun News is lying, as usual. And don’t let yourself think this is a minor blunder. On September 3rd, Sun News regular Jack Fonseca declared lied

“[w]e have the government now starting in September actively promoting homosexuality to kids in high school and in the public system it’s even gonna be in elementary schools some have started that… and nobody’s warning them that hey if you go into this lifestyle if you choose this risky behaviour this type of activity, you actually have a 1 in 6 chance of catching a uniformly fatal disease.”

Lies and slanders against the LGBT community are staples of Sun News, and Sun News is never afraid to twist the truth if doing so enables the pundits to whip up hatred and vent their own personal obsessions against people they don’t know.


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