Sun News admits Harper lacks transparency.

16 Sep

By Evan Zenobia

OTTAWA – Sun News styles itself a vigilant defender of free speech, to the point of defending the spewing hate speech. Strangely enough, the station is apparently more alarmed by the Human Rights Commission’s power to shut down hate-based websites (which is, to be sure, a legitimate concern), than by a government that has taken a decidedly hostile and closed-doors approach to the media.

This is straight from the horse’s mouth. This isn’t from CBC, Radio-Canada or the Toronto Star. In “The adult in the room” Sun News pundit Brian Lilley had this to say about the Harper government”

“Despite what other media outlets will tell you we’re not Conservative Party bootlickers, just ask the cabinet ministers who wont talk to me because they don’t like what I have to say about their portfolios”

While Eclipse News is certainly well aware of the Harper Government’s contempt for independent media and it’s complete absence of transparency, it is always so refreshing to see Sun News unintentionally stumble into vindicating the claims of other media sources against their masters in the Conservative Party.

Sun News just admitted that Harper’s cabinet ministers are so secretive they won’t even speak with the most sympathetic media outlet in the country.

Of course the pundit neglected to mention which ministers refused to speak to him, nor did he elaborate on his criticisms of the Harper government.

It is all the more disturbing that in the very story in which Lilley bemoans Harper’s cabinet’s secrecy, he praises the Prime Minister as “a serious man, the kind of thoughtful leader Canada needs when turmoil, economic or otherwise, is overtaking the world,” and as “the adult in the room.”

There is nothing “serious” or “adult” about a man so immature that he is afraid to talk to the people he governs. Harper’s attitude, Sun News inadvertently reveals, is so childish that he won’t let his ministers speak to people who dare to, even minimally, disagree with him. This is not serious or adult, although it is seriously scary. It is tantamount to South Park’s Eric Cartman’s approach, who, when faced with the slightest degree of uncomfortable debate, screams “screw you guys, I’m going home!” The exact same approach he has taken to Iran.

And, like South Park’s fat, arrogant, egotistical and bigoted sociopath, the Harper Government has absolutely no qualms about how disastrous his actions and attitudes are so long as they get him what they want.


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