“Angry Tom’s Evil Plan”

11 Sep

By Evan Zenobia

OTTAWA – In “Harper’s enviro protesters and the NDP,” Sun News pundit Brian Lilley used anti-Harper protesters to knock the New Democratic Party for what it feels are “radical” positions and for having former separatists in its caucus.

The story lacks logical flow; though the NDP’s principles and members were generally irrelevant to the protests covered, Sun News is fairly adept at exploiting any opportunity it can to attack anyone they disagree with.

It is also adept at holding their targets to a standard they never hold their Conservative masters to. On the NDP, Lilley states:

“It’s a party that’s now filled with people that used to support separatist parties in the past.”

While it is true that there are some in the NDP with some ties to left-wing groups with sovereignist platforms, the same is true of the “Harper Government.” Minister of Transport Denis Lebel is a former bloquiste; Maxime Bernier, a Hell’s Angels biker’s ex-boyfriend who has held multiple cabinet posts, was also, according to former Québec premier Bernard Landry, an avowed indépendantiste.

Sun News has never quite made clear why it feels that the NDP’s association with benign, pluralistic sovereignists carries so much more weight than Tory links to Québec nationalism (or biker gangs). This is especially strange given the predominance of federalism in the Québec right versus the lack of federalism on Québec’s left.

Nor has Sun News given consideration to the fact that almost half of all Québécois voted for sovereignty in 1995, making it almost impossible for links to the sovereignty movement to be absent from any political party, thus rendering such association as completely news-unworthy.

Oh, that’s right. Sun “News” doesn’t actually cover events. The station prefers dishonest editorializing to professional journalism.

For some reason, while Lilley and fellow pundit John Robson discuss the NDP’s position on the Québec question (which is federalist), the tagline at the bottom reads “Angry Tom’s Evil Plan” (around 06:48). While obviously slamming NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, neither pundit cares to elaborate what they believe Mulcair’s plan to be, nor why they feel it to be evil. Another tagline reads “Tom’s separatism sidestep.”

Sun News apparently found that, in a story dedicated to blasting the NDP for association with sovereignty, they failed to mention that Mulcair served as a minister in the cabinet of super-federalist Jean Charest. Mulcair is certainly no indépendantiste, and Sun News is being deliberately dishonest when they imply that he has an evil, pro-separatist plan.


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