Sun News makes up shit about reproductive health provider

10 Sep

By Evan Zenobia

OTTAWA – Sometime people speak out of both sides of their mouths. Sun News vomits out both sides of its enormous, noisy and obnoxious jaw.

This is how Sun News pundit Michael Coren managed to, within three-and-a-half minutes, feign passion for women’s rights and follow it up with vicious and slanderous lies against women’s health providers. See for yourself in the September 7 “The Real War on Women.”
Coren  called Planned Parenthood “a group—remember this—dedicated to making sure that as many babies are aborted as possible.”

For a group so committed to this goal, they sure allocate their funds strangely. Abortions account for only three percent of Planned Parenthood’s total services. Cancer and HIV screenings, contraception, counseling and other services account for the remaining 97 percent.

So according to Sun News, Planned Parenthood, the largest reproductive health services provider in the US, is actually just a bunch of baby abortion fanatics; just look how much of their activity is abortion!

It doesn’t take more than a little research to find out the truth. Doesn’t Sun News have fact checkers? Or is Sun News just lying to its audience, believing they are too stupid to look up the facts for themselves?

Even though Coren apparently has no qualms about malevolently lying about an organization devoted to women’s health, he makes sure to assure us he’s on the side of women’s rights. “I also find it repulsive that after decades of struggle for female equality, there are still many people on the left who speak of women in the plural, and in the collective, as though they have no individual identities or ideas… it’s almost like a slave-master mentality from the 19th century isn’t it?” (00:15)

That didn’t stop the pundit from taking a 18th century cheap shot against Sandra Fluke, a law student who testified before congress in favour of mandated health coverage of birth control. Rush Limbaugh called her a prostitute; Coren was only slightly less rude (although he was too cowardly to mention her by name), saying that her “only claim to fame is that she wants Americans to pay so that she can have sex before marriage and not get pregnant… if that’s a model American we’re in serious doo doo my friends.” (01:58)

Premarital sex may not be model behaviour to Michael Coren, Patron Saint of Judgemental Condescending Prudes, but it is overwhelmingly typical. 95 percent of Americans blasphemously engage in the degenerate practice of premarital sex, many of them using contraception to avoid pregnancy. Coren must be really bad at math to misread the significance of percentages in the mid to high nineties.

Coren couldn’t resist from using the piece to sate his oddly obsessive hatred of transgendered people. “Isn’t it odd that the very people who preach to us about the dignity of women lionize men who dress up as caricatures of women? I mean do you really think that confused neurotic guys in drag with absurdly high heels and caked on make-up and XXL miniskirts look like women because I don’t I find that an insult!” (around 02:20)

Eclipse News would like to take this opportunity to go on record and state that no trans-woman should ever have to take lip about being confused or neurotic from Michael Coren or any Sun News pundit.

What exactly Coren finds insulting in this instance about trans-women is not clear. He is a man, so whatever threat he imagines trans people represent to women does not threaten him. And while some radical feminists consider trans-women to be invading their safe spaces and reinforcing gender roles, it certainly speaks to a neurotic confusion on the part of Coren to take a radfeminist position after declaring “[t]he right aren’t fighting a war against women but a war against radical gender feminism where the genders are artificially divided.” (around 02:10) And for someone who deplores “speak[ing] of women in the plural,” Coren apparently has no problem speaking of trans-women “in the collective, as though they have no individual identities or ideas.”

Of course, the vast majority of trans-women dress the same way as cis-women, not like, as Coren implies, drag queens (not that there is anything wrong with drag queens). For the record, Coren technically cross-dressed on Sun News when he wore a burqa. But unlike drag queens, Coren’s stunt contributed nothing positive to culture.

Eclipse News often questions whether inaccuracy in Sun News is due ignorance or to deliberate dishonesty. When it comes to trans-people, however, it seems safe to assume that Coren is just monumentally ignorant on the subject. It remains to tell whether ignorance or bigotry is the stronger driving force behind his vitriol.

And speaking of lies and vitriol…

“Only one part of the political spectrum is obsessed with abortion, please remember this, with killing babies and that is the left.” (around 00:45)

Well, except that the multiple murder attempts and violence against abortion providers in Canada were certainly not the actions of leftists. Nor were the murders of abortion doctors and medical professionals by pro-lifers in the United States. That doesn’t look like a left-wing obsession.

Nor does the GOP’s stance on abortion, which calls for a Constitutional Amendment that would effectively ban the procedure. Is Coren so far to the right that he considers the GOP left-wing?

For its part, Sun News pundits have long stood for reopening the debate on Canada’s abortion practices. Coren himself has questioned whether exceptions to abortion bans should be made in cases of rape.

In any case, Coren’s oversimplification of the abortion debate, though typical of Sun News’s complete lack of depth or analysis, ignores that there exist pro-life elements on the left and pro-choice elements on the right.

It certainly is alarming to see Sun News broadcasting such lies. Unlike Sun News, however, Eclipse News is not convinced that ordinary people are so dumb that they will take the dishonesty and distortion pedalled by Sun News without question.

Fightback against the war on women. Join the war on Sun News.


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