Sun News endorses, pedals, Tory propaganda

8 Sep

By Qalina Tileli

GATINEAU – On the Sun News homepage under the “Politics” heading is an article entitled “He didn’t come back for you; Iggy returns to Harvard.”

If there was every any doubt that Sun News was anything but cheerleading propaganda for the Harper Tories, let it be known that 7 September 2012 was the date on which that ambiguity died a swift but violent death.

“He didn’t come back for you,” was the Conservative Party slogan against former leader of the Official Opposition Michael Ignatieff. Ignatieff, who lead the federal Liberal Party from 2008 to 2011, had worked for years as a professor in the United States before returning to Canada to pursue his political career. Conservative attack ads targeting Ignatieff began airing on television and radio almost as soon as he arrived at the helm of Liberals, even outside of election campaigns.

As its title suggests, the Sun story treats Ignatieff’s imminent departure as a vindication of the Tory attacks. The story includes attack ads in both Jpeg and YouTube video form. It opens with the snide line “Turns out Michael Ignatieff was just visiting after all.”

Such unambiguously biased “reporting” exposes Sun News for the propaganda machine it really is. After all, there is no other conclusion to reach when a news station affirms with approval the claims made in ruling-party attacks against opposition leaders.

And the Sun News says the “mainstream media” is “Too quick to report left.” Thankfully, since Sun News has dropped any pretense of being an independent station, it can be treated with even less respect than it has in the past!


2 Responses to “Sun News endorses, pedals, Tory propaganda”

  1. nadinelumley September 8, 2012 at 2:26 am #

    a good repost from: Erik Snyder – Hey let’s throw out Wayne Gretzky too, he’s been away from Canada for too long to be Canadian anymore.

  2. Ben Black February 23, 2013 at 1:06 pm #

    They’re currently going after Justin Trudeau every day. Think of the money it saves Harper in attack ads, lol.

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