Sun News: Québec sucks “because we allow them to”

5 Sep

In the wake of a Parti québécois victory, Sun News has produced fine works of journalism.

I’m just kidding. It’s the same unprofessional yellow journalism as usual.

Brian Lilley already has “PQ wins, we all pay” up on the Sun News homepage. The blurb reads “The Parti Quebecois will lead the next provincial government in Quebec and that’s not a good thing for Canada.”

Brian Lilley’s editorial spends 586 words not really attacking the PQ or discussing the election but instead bashing Québec mostly for being poorer than the rest of Canada, but also for more heavily taxing rich people (like him).

And then, his most arrogant line: “Why can Quebec do this? Because we allow them to.

Who is “we,” Lilley? Your primary audience? All Canadians outside of Québec? Or just Sun News?

Where the hell do you get off thinking that Québec needs your permission to do anything? No province belongs to you, Sun News, or the relatively small audience that watches your garbage and reads your columns.

The Top Story on the network’s homepage reads as “Pauline Marois becomes QC’s first female premier.” From this title, one might expect the story to touch on the historical significance of the election of Québec’s first woman premier.

However, it does not.  In fact, clicking on the story will bring the reader to an article instead entitled “Quebec separatists win minority government.” And the story’s opening line includes the Sun News knee-jerk reflex of always reminding the reader that the PQ is separatist.

“Parti Quebecois separatists have returned to power for the first time in 14 years and were flirting with a majority Tuesday that would strengthen their resolve to demand more powers from Ottawa.”

While most respectable journalists prefer the term “sovereignist” to the pejorative “separatist,” Sun News stays true to its tradition of trying to scare readers about the resurgence of evil, power hungry “separatists” who almost got a (shudder) majority!

But thanks to Sun News, we no longer need any election analyses for Québec! If anything in Québec happens of interest we need only ask Brian Lilley or any of his fellow “journalists”:

Why can Quebec do this?”

And they will answer, with all the arrogance and ignorance in the world.

Because we allow them to.

Eclipse News knows that the vast majority of citizens won’t be fooled by Sun News, whatever they want to allow us!


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