Sun News political violence timeline ignores polytechnique massacre, but includes alleged plot that never went down

5 Sep

When does the massacre of 14 women by an anti-feminist terrorist become less relevant than an uncovered plot that was never carried out?

When Sun News is recounting history.

The September 5th 2012 Top Story on the Sun News home page covers last’s night fatal shooting at the nightclub where the Parti québécois celebrated their electoral victory.

Sun News reports that the shooting, which killed a 45 year-old stage technician who tried to stop the shooter, may have been an assassination attempt on Pauline Marois, whose party’s victory makes her Québec’s first female premier. In addition to the death, another individual was seriously injured in the shooting, although Sun News either does not know about this or did not find it important enough to report on. Nor did they find it important enough to note that the primary suspect shouter “The English are waking up!” as the police took him into custody.

However, Sun News did find it important enough to attach to the end of the article a brief timeline of Canada’s political violence, which completely ignores Canada’s deadliest act of political violence in modern times*: the 1989 École polytechnique massacre of 14 women by Marc Lépine in the name of combating feminism. Lépine, whose rampage also injured 14 others, took his own life after the massacre, leaving a suicide note with a hit list of 19 high-profile Québec women.

While neglecting this anti-feminist terrorism, Sun News instead documents the assassination of Thomas D’Arcy McGee, the October Crisis, the 1984 National Assembly massacre of 13, the 1995 PEI legislature pipe bomb attack which wounded a bystander, and the alleged plot by Canadian Muslims in Toronto in 2006.

So how could Sun News cover the 1984 massacre while neglect the deadlier 1989 massacre? How the hell is the death of 14 young women at the hands of an anti-feminist less relevant than an alleged plot by Muslims to storm the Parliament?

It is not as if the École polytechnique massacre is easy to overlook. The tragedy has been commemorated every year since 1989 throughout Canada. Further, one could consider the outburst of antifeminist violence in Montreal an important and relevant precedent to an assassination attempt on Québec’s first female premier.

What an unbelievable slap in the face to the victims of the 1989 massacre, their families, and women in general!

Sun News has been harshly critical of feminism in general. If Sun News reporters are just too lazy to analyze history, then their story is incredibly unprofessional.

We can only hope that this blunder was unintentional. It would be much more despicable if Sun News had overlooked the antifeminist massacre out of their ideological fanaticism.

Eclipse News would like to take this opportunity to extend solemn sympathies to the families of the massacre’s victims. We do not forget terrorism against women and we do not let ideology blind us to atrocities, even if Sun News does.

*During the 1885 North-West Rebellion, Cree warriors massacred 23 settlers in Frog Lake, Alberta.


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