Sun News doesn’t care about free speech

5 Sep

Earlier today, Eclipse News reported that the RCMP had grounded a PSAC-sponsored aerial banner reading “StephenHarperNousDéteste,” on the grounds that the banner could be considered “hate speech.”

Eclipse News wondered whether Sun News, which styles itself a champion of free speech, would find it controversial that the federal police had derailed the free expression of PSAC.

Apparently, it does not.

In its article, “Largest federal employees union, PSAC, endorses separatist PQ,” Sun News dismisses the banner as a stunt and does not appear the least bit bothered that the RCMP grounded it. Sun News states that the banner flew “within eyeshot of 24 Sussex Dr. and Parliament Hill,” although the RCMP confirmed it never violated restricted airspace.

Rather than defend PSAC’s free speech rights or address the RCMP’s actions, Sun News instead denounces the union for endorsing the Parti québécois, and for being “more interested in backing a party that would treat its workers better than make national unity its top priority.”

Sun News has decided to completely write off that the federal police brought down criticism of the federal government. It’s easy to see the network’s priorities. They take a hard line against legislation that bans telephone and internet-based hate speech, but when it comes to a union criticising their favourite Prime Minister, not a peep about free speech. No theatrics. No indignation or rage. Free speech violations don’t matter to Sun News when people they disagree with are repressed!

Sun News Harpeirst hypocrisy at its best


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