An ode to rich conservative jerks

31 Aug

Eclipse News is happy to bring our… “audience” (yes both of you)… the artistic stylings of Eclipser Jaki O’Lantern.

An Ode to Conservative roaches

You think you can keep me off of your private beach
Imma swim in your water cuz I’m beyond your reach
Don’t care what Santorum morals you preach
Cuz you’re just a bougie parasitic capitalist leach

Don’t give me grief about all those books by Ayn Rand
Because I’ll just draw a sickle and hammer in your sand
Cuz your wealth was built on stolen so-called Indian land
With the work of slaves scarred with red-hot iron brands

Think you’re better behind your gated communities
Well you better change your locks because I stole all the keys
Went to the ghetto and gave them away all for free
With maps and directions to all your properties

And you mind telling me why all the kids on street
Are covered in bruises because they’ve been beat?
In the day they gotta burn in the miserable heat
Lucky if they get a even a slice of bread to eat

But you tell me it isn’t the government’s role
To assist poor people when they’re in the hole
Tell us people should be more responsible
And if you don’t work hard then a hard life’s the toll

Hard work tory? Are you fucking kidding me?
Half these kids are homeless just cuz they’re LGBT
You say that’s what they get for their blasphemy
While you spend millions on your blood jewelry?

And we could give all these kids shelter today
If a few more taxes you were willing to pay
But instead you attack women and gays
Blame them for the problems that you’ve made!

And when you gambled until your money ran out
We gave you all the benefit of the doubt
So I don’t see why you still scream and shout
After we were the ones who bailed you out!

Well we see your mansions and aren’t they swell
But you know that you made our neighbourhoods hell
There’s no soul to your money you’re just an empty shell
That we’ll shatter with a shout of “Que Viva Fidel”

(to be set to music possibly someday)


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