Sun News: “it’s wrong, but it’s also extremely Canadian”

30 Aug

Sun News HATES CANADA. You read that right.

I’ve been following Sun News for a while, and I’ve been meaning to start something up to counter some the garbage they pedal, and there is a lot of it. But for a network that describes itself as “[g]overned by a pledge to be controversially Canadian,” and which decks out its imagery and graphics in maple leaves in an appeal to patriotism, its talking heads seem to have a lot of contempt for, well, Canada.

The networks pundits frequently bashed Canadian social services and programs and fawns over right-wing American nonsense politics. David Menzies has made clear his longing for the return of “Dominion Day,” the July 1st holiday replaced by Canada Day in 1982. You would think that such “controversially Canadian” would prefer a day to celebrate Canada rather than a day that celebrates our former dependence on the British Empire.

Now of course, I don’t suppose you need to prefer Dominion Day to Canada Day or be indifferent to American politics to be a Canadian patriot. But I don’t understand how Sun News can claim to be “controversially Canadian,” and then express utter contempt for Canadian identity through its pundits. Consider this exchange on the August 27 Byline feature “Hey unions, be responsible,” starting at 05:56 at

Michael Coren: It is horrible, however it’s completely consistent with the way our society is going. Topless people in one area, gay people making out in a pride parade, S&M and sex being performed, the woman who’s about to play Olivia Chow in a publicly-funded drama about Saint Jack Layton is only famous because she had actual intercourse and actual masturbation in a movie with public funding, this doesn’t surprise me. Of course it’s wrong! But it’s also extremely Canadian, isn’t it?”

Brian Lilly: I would have to agree with you, unfortunately.

So you get the drift. According to these two pundits, everything that is wrong with society from strip clubs paying their dancers’ school fees to the (God-forbid) gays kissing in public is  (even worse) extremely Canadian. We have to ask, are all things extremely Canadian” wrong? Is it wrong to be “extremely Canadian”? Is it a spectrum, with “moderately Canadian” being mildly degenerate while the “intrinsically Canadian” amounts to a parade of ultrafeminist separatist communist CBC pornography?

Now of course EclipseNews has no problem with consensual sex, being topless, gay people or any alternative expressions of sexuality. We would have no problem if these things were extremely Canadian, (they are, of course, no more Canadian than they are Nigerian, Dutch, Chinese, or whatever since all people have sex).

HOWEVER, we really ought to consider the values behind Sun News when it broadcasts such contempt for Canada. We clearly see two things.

1) Sun News hates Canada
2) Sun News is full of crap when it plays up any patriotism


2 Responses to “Sun News: “it’s wrong, but it’s also extremely Canadian””

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  2. Scott Bury, the writer August 31, 2012 at 5:32 am #

    Great stuff! Keep it coming!

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